Friday, April 30, 2010

School colors make great bows.

This bows top layered is 3/8" ribbon.

This bow uses 3/8 " ribbon which creates a smaller size bow.

Here's two different styles of medium layered bows. The one on the left has both layers tied the same and are the same size. It just creates a simple but fuller bow.

This is two different styles of white large layered bows. The one on the left is a little bit fancier.

This is a picture of The Triplet Headband. It's great for adults but can also be worn by children. It would be great as a flower girl headband. It works great with hair up or down.

This is a large layered bow with both layers being the same size and no not in the middle.

Lace baby headband - Comes with one stretchy lace headband and your choice of two medium size bows (plain, layered or korker)
Casual Cutie Headband - This is a casual beaded headband that is great for everyday wear and is made of simpler, smaller and less expensive beads.
Basic Babe Headband - This is the most popular style of headband. It can be dressed up or worn for everyday wear. It has a little bit bigger beads than the Casual cutie.
Fancy Pants Headband - This Headband says it in the name it is made of fancier more dressy beads.
Double Trouble Headband - This Headband starts with one strand and then periodically splits into two strands and combines back into one strand, usually about three or four times.
The Triplet Headband - This is a beautiful headband that has three strands of beads. The center strand is usually made up of regular size beads and the two outside strands are made up of seed beads (really small beads). The three strands are periodically hooked together with a spacer bar.
The Chunky Monkey - This is a great headband for dances and bigger hairdos. It's made with big chunky beads that are so much fun!
Bridal Headband - This headband is made to order and varies in prices depending on how big of beads and how many strands. It can be creme or white with silver and can have single, double, or triple strands. Email me if you are interested and I can give you a price quote.

These are small layered bows. They have a sheer top layer and no not in the center.

This is two different style of large layered bows. The one on the right has sheer ribbon for the top bow and 3/8 " ribbon for the middle bow.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beaded headbands are great for adults!!!

Price List

Small Korker Bows w/ 3/8" ribbon - $6.00/pr.

Small Korker Bows w/3/8" ribbon and tulle or ric rac - $7.00/pr.
Medium Korker Bows w/ 3/8" ribbon - $7.00/pr.

Medium Korker Bows w/ 3/8" ribbon and tulle or ric rac - $8.00
Large Korker Bows w 3/8" ribbon - $8.00/pr.
Large Korker Bows w 3/8" ribbon and tulle or feathers - $9.00
Single Jumbo Korker Bow w/ 3/8" ribbon w/ tulle - $7.00

Small Basic Bows - $4.00/pr.
Medium Basic Bows - $5.00/pr.
One Large Basic Bow - *$4.00

Small Layered Bows - $6.00/pr.

Medium Layered Bows - $8.00/pr.
One Large Layered Bow - *$5.00

Lace Baby Headband - $2.00
Adjustable Baby Headband - $4.00
Casual Cutie Beaded Headband - $7.00

Basic Babe Beaded Headband - $10.00
Fancy Pants Beaded Headband - $12.00
Double Trouble Beaded Headband - $12.00
The Triplet Beaded Headband - $14.00
Chunky Monkey Beaded Headband - $20.00

*Comes with only one bow

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This is a pretty simple hairstyle. Two pigtails pulled through upside down with two long jumbo korkers.

This is a Basic Babe Headband with 2 medium size korkers. You can customize the headband and the korkers colors to match each other.

This is a great way to get short hair up into a high ponytail. This has ponytails flipped under all the way up both sides in the back and in the bang area and then pulled into two ponytails. She is wearing two medium layered bows and a Fancy Pants Headband. A double knot in the ribbon helps the headband from being accidentally untied.

This is a double insideout frenchbraid with the bangs flipped under through the elastic and a Casual Cutie Headband. You can also put the tail of the bangs on top of the headband and then tie it into the frenchbraid to help hold the headband in place. The back of my daughters head is flat and so we have problems with normal headbands but the beaded ones stay in a lot better.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Here is some examples of the baby headbands. They are made with stretchy lace that comes in pink, white, or brown. You can mix and match them with bows or korkers. Each set comes with two bows and one headband.

This hairstyle has ponytails flipped under all the way across the top of her head and the tail end crosses over the top of a Basic Babe Headband. The rest of the hair is pulled back into a bun with two medium korkers attached to it.

Beaded headbands work great on short hair too. The ponytail pull through in the bang area is a great way to keep the headband from sliding backwards. In the third picture a flower on an alligator claw is attached for variety and style.

This side frenchbraid works great with a beaded headband.