Friday, April 30, 2010

Lace baby headband - Comes with one stretchy lace headband and your choice of two medium size bows (plain, layered or korker)
Casual Cutie Headband - This is a casual beaded headband that is great for everyday wear and is made of simpler, smaller and less expensive beads.
Basic Babe Headband - This is the most popular style of headband. It can be dressed up or worn for everyday wear. It has a little bit bigger beads than the Casual cutie.
Fancy Pants Headband - This Headband says it in the name it is made of fancier more dressy beads.
Double Trouble Headband - This Headband starts with one strand and then periodically splits into two strands and combines back into one strand, usually about three or four times.
The Triplet Headband - This is a beautiful headband that has three strands of beads. The center strand is usually made up of regular size beads and the two outside strands are made up of seed beads (really small beads). The three strands are periodically hooked together with a spacer bar.
The Chunky Monkey - This is a great headband for dances and bigger hairdos. It's made with big chunky beads that are so much fun!
Bridal Headband - This headband is made to order and varies in prices depending on how big of beads and how many strands. It can be creme or white with silver and can have single, double, or triple strands. Email me if you are interested and I can give you a price quote.

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